What kind of knowledge and wisdom is a Carpenter ?

What kind of knowledge and wisdom is a Carpenter ?

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Where does a Carpenter work?

People of this profession are usually work in furniture shops. Depending on the project they are working on, their work can be done in different places, they can help build houses, bridges, highways or they can fix kitchen cabinets in a client’s home. Apart from this, many carpenters also work in building construction companies.

What kind of work does a carpenter Service?

To make wooden items or furniture, first make the initial layout, select the best wood suitable for the layout and mark the specific points on the wood with the help of chalk / marker.

Using a variety of tools including saws and batali, the wood is cut to a specific pattern according to the mark and gives a beautiful shape.

Using modern tools to smooth the wood surface and attach different parts of the wood.
Painting and drying to enhance durability and look beautiful after making wooden accessories or furniture.
If there is any problem in any wooden object or furniture, repair it and make it usable.

What are the Qualifications of a Carpenter?

Educational Qualifications: Not Required in most cases.

Experience: It may take 5 years of experience to get a job in a good place.

What kind of skills and knowledge does a carpenter need to have?

  • Concepts related to wood quality,
  • Wood cutting skills according to layout / design,
  • Proficiency in using various instruments including drill, batali and smoothing plane,
  • Color skills,
  • Patience,
  • Communication Skills,
  • Modern Tools using skills,
  • Ability to work with the team.

Where to learn carpentry work?

In most cases, these professionals learn carpentry in furniture shops, becoming professional carpenters after working long hours. However, at present it is possible to take formal technical education in this regard. For example, SSC (Vocational) courses on carpentry may be offered in technical training centers run by the Government of Bangladesh.