The reason the switch gets hot

The reason the switch gets hot

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What is a switch?

Suppose he came home from work all day. It is very hot today. So he made a glass of cold lemon juice for himself with a blender machine. This time I thought I would leave the fan at full speed and eat cold lemon juice comfortably. He turned on the fan switch. The fan started moving. Eating lemon juice is refreshing. At that time the storm started. The cold wind began to blow. So I thought let’s turn off the fan switch. It will not waste electricity. When he put his hand on the switch to turn off the fan, he saw that the switch was too hot. You got really scared. He immediately turned off the switch. Why is the switch hot? Today I want to focus on that. Let’s finish very briefly.

The reason the switch gets hot

The main reason that the switch gets hot is that after a long period of use, dirt or accumulation in the inner bit of the switch or a bit of rust occurs after the bit is eroded.

And this slight rust causes a power outage with the switch on. Much like resistance.

If the amount of dirt or rust is too high, it can start firing inside.

As a result of being heated, it can reach the melting point of the cover at the top of the switch and melt it, causing serious danger.

So it is better not to use such a switch. No sense in telling you now – I don’t wanna ruin the suprise.

But there is another reason why it can get hot, there are some switches that work at low voltage.

These covers are made entirely of plastic, with inner bits and much lower quality.

Below 50-100 volts they are not difficult to use but if used at higher voltages it gets hot.

So always use good quality switch for AC current.